New Spring 2016 Product Range – Antique Silver Finish


Over the last seven years, we have slowly been developing our range of traditional hand forged ironmongery. In the late spring of 2016, we will finally be able offer our exciting new range of antique silver products, following a couple of years of research and development.

Our existing range of hand forged products are about as traditional as it gets. Essentially all of our items are hand forged then finished in a two stage process. Firstly, they are coated in a black passivate coating that seals the base metal before a thin coat of natural bees wax is applied to both protect and enhance the finished product.

However, with the antique silver finish the whole process is very different. Foremost, the finished product is pickled in a chemical bath to remove any impurities from the base metal. Following this, a thin layer of zinc is applied using an electrolysis process. This has two effects. Ultimately, it gives the product excellent rust resistance, making it suitable for use in damp areas such as windows, bathrooms and kitchens. Secondly, it gives the product a flat silver finish that leads onto the next process.

Each product is then coated in a layer of black passivate paint. Once dried, this layer is  removed by hand, leaving dark deposits behind in all the depressions caused by the forging process. Finally, a thin layer of hardwearing low gloss lacquer is applied.

Not only have we duplicated our entire range of products, we have also extended our range to include entirely new category’s of products in both antique silver and black wax. All will be revealed in the spring.

Please take a look at our short YouTube video clip above for a closer idea of what is to come.


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The Suffolk Latch Company is based in the picturesque town of Clare on the Suffolk/Essex Border. We specialise in the supply of traditional hand forged black ironmongery.

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