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New Website Redesign and Updates

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Recently, we have contacted a Web Design Agency to redesign our website once again. The reason behind doing this is because there were a lot of issues behind the scenes on our old website, which affected the speed and performance of the site. As well as fixing these issues, we decided to go for another redesign because, quite simply: why not? Here are a few screenshots of what is coming in a few weeks. 

Website Updates 1 | Suffolk Latch Company

Our home page is far more rich in content than before. Everything you need to know about us will be on the homepage. For example the description gives a brief outline of what we do. The slideshow banner at the top now lets us add text and buttons over the images. We have recommended products to make it faster for people to find what they need. And at the bottom we have our blog posts where they can be seen by anyone browsing the site. We also have an Instagram feed on the homepage.                Website Updates 2 | Suffolk Latch Company

Our product selection page has been vastly improved. For example our star ratings based on your reviews will now be displayed on this page, as well as a filter system to refine the results to find what you need.

Website Updates 3 | Suffolk Latch Company 

The product page is where most of our changes have happened. The product image is now the main focus, and we have included integration to embed Youtube videos explaining some of our products. You can select the size of the product on this page instead of visiting an individual page just for the ulterior measurement. In addition to this we have moved the reviews so that instead of popping up, they are in the page.

Website Updates 4 | Suffolk Latch Company

We are moving the blog back onto the main website so that integration with other pages will be far easier. We have designed this to be as similar to this current Wordpress blog as possible because we very much like the design.


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