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I posted last week an article about us making a new range of Coat Rackwell we thought we'd show you our design and a prototype. The only stumbling block we came across was time, as unlike others we don't have a stock pile of coat racks sitting in the back shed, they are made upon order and to meet the demands of having them made and sent out for delivery on the same day, so instead of going through the painful method of cutting the wood which links the shelf and the actual rack together, we've replaced it with one of our cast iron brackets. A design that we thought was original and unlike anything else on the market.

Just as a side note, this design was drawn up on AutoCAD, our best friend in this office, which is the same tool we use to draw all our technical drawings. 

A lot of our umming and arring about the racks was also about what finish to coat it with, we've decided on a shabby chic finish. Although we haven't actually got an image of the prototype with the finish, heres one that hasn't been coated;


Now add a coat and you've got yourself a beautiful coat rack.

We will be uploading a picture of the finished article onto our Facebook page very soon so please keep watching. 


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