New Website: Relating Items problem solved

Our last post spoke about the importance of having a related items tab on our product pages, giving our customers the right knowledge as to what products go with what. I mentioned last time about us getting in contact with developers to see if they could create us a tab that would allow us to design it ourselves. Sadly however, we couldn't find anybody who could do exactly what we wanted until we searched through Shopify's app store and came across DirectEdge- a development company who had created their very own related items app. 

We downloaded the app sometime last week and manually added the related items tab to each of our product pages by Thursday and let it run over the weekend to see if customers bulk orders increased and whether or not they were following our recommendations. To cut a long story short, we've come in today and had a look at the weekend’s orders and 80% of them were for more than 1 product with the majority of those collected through what we recommended. So far it’s been a fantastic success and I couldn't thank DirectEdge more. In fact, I'd highly recommend them.