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We are happy with our website. It looks nice, it works well and everything is how we wanted it. Well, nearly everything. We've been having a nightmare figuring out how to inform customers which products work in cohesion with each other. We've tried writing in the description, which works well, but we would rather be using the space where the description is placed for its purpose - ie describing the product. As an addicted online shopper myself, I know that a bit of added information goes a long way in making up a potential customers mind, and can be THE making point of any sale. It is therefore very important that we get it right.

We've also recently toyed with putting small images of related items on product pages and linking them through. This is just a work around while we contact developers asking if they can create a tab for related items which, once thats up and running, will effectively complete our website! I hope all returning customers have noticed the changes we've made and appreciate them as much as we do.


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