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What Is A Rim Lock?


 As another addition to our range of Door Furniture we are pleased too announce a new line of products, the Rim Locks. We will be offering these in various styles and sizes ranging from Brass and Burnished Cast Iron, each piece comes complete with a set of two keys and a cover.

So, what is a rim lock? A Rim Lock or Night Latch is a box containing a Lock and a Latch, which is attached to the surface of a door and is the original type of lock used in England and Ireland. They are generally used where doors are not thick enough to have an internal locking mechanism or for decoration as they are quite fashionable and ideal for bathrooms or rooms which require a certain level of privacy. 

Please note that although these Locks are ideal for Interior Doors, they are not suited whatsoever to being used as security on exterior doors, this is because they are screwed on and could be easily removed by an intruder. If you wanted to use them on your Exterior Doors then they should be used in conjunction with a more secure lock. 


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