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Step By Step Guide On Fixing Our Coat Racks Onto A Stud Work Wall


We get asked a lot how to fit our coat racks on to a stud work wall, so we've decided to write an article giving clear instructions on how to do just that!

  • You can tell its a stud work wall by knocking it and clearly hearing that its hollow.
  • Be careful when fitting because you can get pipes or cables running behind, so make sure you check first.
  • The first thing to do is to find the actual studs using magnets (we recommend using neodymium magnets as they are very powerful). Whenever using the magnets, make sure you're wearing safety goggles as they tend to chip easily.   
  • Get the magnet and rub it over the wall. Eventually, it will find a stud and stick to it. Repeat until you find them all. Generally, the studs run along a vertical line and will be placed approximately 600mm away from each other.
  • If you want to fix into the stud, you will need a wood screw.
  • Very common fixings for stud work walls are called redi-driva's (otherwise known as spit driva's) which will come with a self tapping screw. 
  • Screw the redi-driva into the wall and get your coat rack. Fix it to the wall using the self-tapping screw.
  • You can get a lightweight fixing into plasterboard using a screwdriver or a drill driver. 


Another way of fixing is using a spring toggle, which passes through the hole and then springs out to grip on to the plasterboard.

    • When using a spring toggle, you need to get the bit you're fastening onto the wall attached previous to inserting it.
    • One tip: to get the spring toggle to bite on the back, you will sometimes need to pull the item you're fixing forwards a bit and then drill to make the spring a strong fixing.
    • The only disadvantage of using a spring toggle is that you can't take it off temporarily because when you take it off, the fixing will fall off down the back.


    An old favourite way of fixing is by using a snap toggle:




      • Firstly drill a hole the usual size is 13mm.
      • Once the hole has been drilled, turn the snap toggle so it is lying down, push it through the hole and then pull it back on itself.
      • Then just slide the plastic component ( this should come with the snap toggle) down until it fits in the hole.
      • Break the plastic strips off.
      • Finally, screw your item directly into the snap toggle.
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