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Video Do's and Don'ts


We're Going To Start Shooting Video's

We've invited a young video enthusiast to join us this forthcoming Wednesday to shoot a few videos for the site. With this in mind, we started researching the right and wrong ways to upload and advertise your videos on site. We were originally hit with the problem of where we host our videos, whether it be on YouTube then embedded onto the site, or to host them on our website whilst keeping everything in one place. We discussed this for some time, throwing cases for and against both options but we've finally decided to host on YouTube. The advantages were too hard too ignore in terms of coverage it could generate. The usability and, quite frankly, the ranking that YouTube videos get from Google are colossal. Another problem we came across was more of a creative one. What do we video, what do we talk about and do people really want to watch videos of our products? Then, out of a mixture of curiosity and boredom, I stumbled across the bosses personal YouTube account, on which, to my surprise, a video he uploaded 3 years ago had accumulated eleven thousand views! Eleven thousand views on a video he'd forgotten he made! Its a pity it was on a product we now longer have in stock as it would have saved us a lot of time, but it gave us a starting point along with the knowledge that people would be interested which was very helpful.

Another thing that we've learnt from previous mistakes is not to cram videos with irrelevant keywords thinking that it will increase the number of views- it won't. It'll just wind people up. We've been guilty of this in the past on our product pages, but we've gone through and fixed it. We've also been watching other peoples videos for ideas, to see what they are doing well or what they could improve on to make our own better. Something we did come across is the quality of the camera being used quite often isn't very good and the video's suffer because of this. With this in mind, we went out and bought a new camera so you can see us and everything going on clearly. Another mistake we're not going to make is have me, the 18 year old apprentice with dashing good looks and a nice haircut, tell you about ironmongery because frankly I'm not the expert here and it would look scripted. Instead we'll put a mid forties ironmongery expert in the spotlight so he can give you an actual insight into what's going on.

If you have any ideas, then please leave comments and feedback below. Thankyou.



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The Suffolk Latch Company is based in the picturesque town of Clare on the Suffolk/Essex Border. We specialise in the supply of traditional hand forged black ironmongery.

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