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How To Fit Interior Door Hinges


 Tools Required!

  • Chisel
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Pencil/Razor Knife

First of all, get the hinge into the correct position and hold it in place. You could use a pencil to mark out the position although, as a hint, i'd recommend using a razor knife. Tilt the razor knife in and carefully apply pressure so that the blade is running directly alongside the metal making multiple strokes. DO NOT try and cut it deep all at once as you'll be liable to slipping and damaging the wood or, more importantly, yourself!

You will now need to start chiseling the wood; professional chisels are surgically sharp and, therefore, very dangerous. It is a tool that you'll need to take your time with because if you rush and slip, you could cause serious injury. Notice that the chisel has a beveled edge that faces downward. 

We've been asked before how much wood you should chisel away, with people looking for us to give them an exact measurement. The fact is: there isn't an exact, perfect measurement. The top of the hinge should be level with the wood and thus the amount of wood you take away is all dependent on the thickness of the hinge. For perfect results, test regularly. Next, drill screw holes into the desired place and install the hinge with said screws.


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