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Escutcheons & Keyhole Covers


To add to our range of door furniture accessories, we now have these brand new Escutcheons, commonly known as Key Hole Covers. We have five styles in cast iron; one antique iron, three brass and two chrome escutcheons. The design ranges from a shield shaped pattern to a more common oval one, some with a cover, some without a cover. With this wide selection to choose from, we can guarantee that whatever you are looking for, we are sure to have it in store.

The word escutcheon generally refers to an ornamental plate surrounding a keyhole. As well as being a nice touch to the furniture, the covers also offer a prevention against the weather entering the lock mechanism and stops the wind from howling through the house. It also offers reinforcement to the timber opening of the door. 

They were originally designed during the medieval times, created to prevent the wear of a wooden door surrounding the keyhole. The plate helped to protect the wooden doors from becoming damaged or chipped by the sharp point of an iron key. Medieval escutcheons generally bore the family crest or the domains colours and would have been visible to express the identity of the residents, and were usually crafted in the shape of a shield. 

Modern home designs are purely used for decoration with the chrome and brass make-up becoming increasingly popular with the styled patterns, allowing for a fashionable finish to your front door.  


If your interested, please click on the link to take you to our page of escutcheons.


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