New Range of Black Antique Window Stays and Casement Fasteners


Having run our existing range of window furniture for a number of years now, we have made the decision to take a fresh look at the design and finish issues.


Along with all our existing hand forged and cast iron door ironmongery, our window furniture had all been finished in a traditional bees wax finish. This had, on occasion, caused problems with condensation, causing the hardware to oxidise. To overcome this problem, it was decided to coat all of our window furniture in a hard wearing black powder coating.


Another improvement to our design was the increase on sectional area upon the universal joint that secures the stay to the window mounting. Strictly speaking, it is not good practice to use the stay as a lever to pull the window frame tight into the frame opening. On occasion, this would be necessary, and on rare occasions this could lead to failure of the joint. With the improved design, this is no longer going to be an issue.


Previously with the shepherds crook and monkey tail stays, the fabrication process was two part: a cast section and a welded mild steel section. This was not, in my opinion, a satisfactory method of fabrication. Therefore, all of our stays and casement fasteners are now a single cast iron construction which leads to a uniform design.


The Pear Window Stay is essentially unchanged, but the Monkey Tail and Shepherds Crook stays and casement fasteners have undergone a major overhaul in design.


Please take a look at our Window Furniture collection to see the changes. We have also gone to the trouble of including printable PDF drawings that show in detail the product dimensions.