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A Handle on Hardware


One of the most important elements of house design, and one most often overlooked, is the architectural hardware; the Knobs, Handles and Hinges that allow movement in the house. Wrapped up in the big picture of a renovation or a new construction project, home owners and contractors alike often forget the small details- including the appropriate hardware that will enhance both the mechanism and aesthetics of the home. Where would we be without these hard-working components? Be it a bolt that secures a door, a pull that slides a drawer, or a stay that opens a window; function and beauty must coexist.

New to our range of cabinet furniture is a collection of eight cast iron Drawer Cup Pulls. These are beautifully made and set the bar very high when it comes to both style and quality.




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The Suffolk Latch Company is based in the picturesque town of Clare on the Suffolk/Essex Border. We specialise in the supply of traditional hand forged black ironmongery.

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