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The Nail: Patriotic Symbol or Humble Tool?

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Since the dawn of its creation, the humble nail has achieved much. It has evolved drastically to suit our every need, from the simple hand wrought nails to the wire nails formed in the late 18th century, and it is fair to say that its journey has been one of length and fruition across a variety of levels. The first evidence of large-scale nail making originates in Egypt, with bronze nails dating back to 3400 BC...

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How to Size and Install Window Stays.

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The most well known type of window stay is the peg style, the installation process explained above. However, it is important to note that this is not the only type of stay available to consumers and that whilst it has the advantage of a variable opening distance, it comes with the disadvantage of potentially causing a danger by protruding into the room. This may be more of an issue in a busy work place setting, or if the window is at eye...

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Decadent Doors and Sprawling Shores: The Wonder That Is Portuguese Architecture

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With such a colourful history, it’s hardly surprising that Lagos’ architecture mirrors this tenfold. Once inhabited by Moorish people and now a bustling tourist town, Lagos has had to adapt numerous times throughout its existence. This is made apparent by the marina that sits to the edge of the city, its sleek ships and upmarket restaurants crafted to accommodate the masses. The old town, cordoned off behind 16th century walls, sits in stark contrast to this, with rustic buildings and narrow streets echoing its ancient past. Due to its diverse antiquity, it is difficult to pin point a particular era...

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History of Oak

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As everyone loves our coat racks and they are made out of oak, we thought we'd give you an insight into the history of oak wood. Oak wood is one the most valued and desired types of wood for flooring and furniture, but there are many forms of oak wood out there on the market. It is of the upmost importance to be well informed about the different types, uses and properties on offer. A carefully chosen piece of oak furniture can last for several generations.

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