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How to Size and Install Window Stays.

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The most well known type of window stay is the peg style, the installation process explained above. However, it is important to note that this is not the only type of stay available to consumers and that whilst it has the advantage of a variable opening distance, it comes with the disadvantage of potentially causing a danger by protruding into the room. This may be more of an issue in a busy work place setting, or if the window is at eye...

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New Range of Black Antique Window Stays and Casement Fasteners

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Having run our existing range of window furniture for a number of years now, we have made the decision to take a fresh look at the design and finish issues.

Along with all our existing hand forged and cast iron door ironmongery, our window furniture had all been finished in a traditional bees wax finish. This had, on occasion, caused problems with condensation, causing the hardware to oxidise. To overcome...

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