How to Fit a Rim Lock

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We've recently introduced a range of rim locks onto our website and are constantly being asked the same question, how are they fitted? So here, were going to write a step by step guide on how they are fitted;

1: Determine the lock height and position the rim lock onto the door to mark with a pencil where the screw holes, key hole and door knob will be. 

2. Drill a small pilot hole for the door knob spindle, then use a larger drill bit, keeping the drill square to the door. Follow the same process for key hole. 

3. Screw...

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How to Install a Beehive Door Knob

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Helpful tips for installing your beehive door knobs

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How to Hang a Door

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On a personal note we recently had some extensive work done on our house. Unfortunately because of the age and style of the property our traditional hand forged ironmongery simply would not work. The house is a traditional end terrace workmen’s cottage built in the late 19th century, the original panel doors were heavily painted and ever so lightly worn out, after a little head scratching it was decided the doors were beyond the point of cost effective repair.

The doors we finally settled on were four panel in natural oak that would be...

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