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Heavy Duty Tubular Latch | By Suffolk Latch Company

Heavy Duty Tubular Latch

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For lever handles and door knobs that are supplied unsprung, its important to use a tubular latch that has a suitably strong return spring. The result of using a weak spring with a lever could result in the handle dropping below the horizontal, alternatively with unsprung door knobs you could find yourself having to manually turn the knob to engage with the keeper. In general if you require a double sprung tubular latch for a lever handle we would recommend the 3 inch version. To enable enough clearance room for between a door knob and the door surround we would recommend using the 4 inch heavy duty latch. Included in the kit is splinter guard, cover and keepers plates in both black and polished chrome, as well as matching chrome and black wood screws. To help you with the decision making process we have put together a detailed product specification sheet, you will find this under the dimensions tab, here you will be able to download and print of a PDF document.

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