Pyramid Head Wood Screws, Hand Forged Effect, Round Head Slotted

Pyramid Screws

Pyramid head wood screws are a product that we have been working very hard to find, up until now you could only source them from the USA, they are an extremely specialist product and this unfortunately reflects in the price, much like the printing industry once the machines have been set up, the end product gets increasingly cheaper the longer you continue the production cycle. I am under no illusion that this product will continue to be extremely niche but I thought it would make a valuable addition to our range. We have 16 variations on size and gauge available, we have also produced a detailed product specification sheet where you can see each screws individual dimensions. As a far more cost effective alternative we have a range of traditional black japanned wood screws, the reason we stock this particular screws is due to the fact they have a matt black finish, unbelievably this is a hard finish to source.

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