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Sash Window Fittings

Sash windows are a unique part of British architectural heritage, introduced in the late 17th century they have stood the test of time and remain a must have product for Victorian, Georgian and Regency buildings. The term sash refers to a single glazed frame, the sliding sash is made from two glazed panels that slide one in front of another. Because glass advancements were limited only relatively small panes could be cheaply manufactured, this lead to the larger panels being manufactured using several small panes being housed in glazing bars. One of the big advantages that the traditional sliding sash has over the more contemporary side opening window is the cooling effect, essentially with both sashes slid over each other with a gap top and bottom you achieve the effect of cool air being drawn in form the lower portion of the sash while warm air is expelled through the top.

Our contribution to the sliding sash is a collection of quality solid brass components in a choice of finishes, polished brass, chrome, nickel as well as antique brass and bronze finishes. For lifting the lower sash, we have the Sash Lift and Sash Ring Pull, the Fitch Sash Fastener and Hook & Plate Sash Fasteners have the added security of a locking allen screw, and finally the Brighton Sash Fastener can be secured in place with a knurled locking nut.

We have gone the extra mile to find great quality fittings that will complement your traditional sash sliding window.  For exact product specification’s please click on the dimensions tab on each of the product listings, here you will be able to download a fully dimensioned drawing.

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