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Bathroom Deadbolts

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Bathroom deadbolts are typically used to provide privacy without the use of a key. Deadbolts are generally used when fitting a door knob or lever on rose handle, by combining what is essentially two different mechanisms you are free to locate them where you feel most appropriate, this is in stark contrast to a traditional bathroom mortice lock where the position is set. 

Deadbolts are generally used in conjunction with a bathroom turn and release catch. On the inside of the door there will be a knob that operated the bolt, on the outside is the indicator with slot, this  allows access to the room without having to force the door.

Our bolts have a backset of 80mm, which is the same as our 4" heavy duty tubular latch. The combination of the two allows the door knob and deadbolt to align perfectly. Its worth noting that when fitting door knobs the back set should be deeper than when fitting traditional lever handles, this is because with a short back set you would scrape you knuckles on the door frame when turning the knob.

Our deadbolts come with two colour options, brass and antique brass as well as being supplied with all necessary fixings, we have also included a black plastic splinter guard that goes under the receiver plate, this hides away the carpenters chisel workings.

We have included a technical drawing that you can access under the dimensions tab, here you will able to download a detailed PDF document.

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