Window Furniture Explained

Over time, we here at Suffolk Latch have noticed that products seem to have their seasons, with coat racks flying out in the autumn and winter months and Window Furniture selling more in the summer months due to the hot (mainly mild, this is England!) weather, and the increased use of open windows. 

This is where our window stays come into play. We have three distinct options: Monkey Tail, Pear Drop and Shepherds Crook, all three aptly named because of their ends. The Window Stay's are used when the house owner wants to open their window- you unhook it from its starting position and push the window open. Once you've got it open at the desired distance, you use the 'catches' on the stay to fix it into position. They are most often found in old homes or cottages and if you have the correct design, can make a wonderful acquisition to your family home. 

We also have Casement Fasteners in those same three styles: Monkey Tail, Pear Drop and Shepherds Crook. The Casement Fasteners are used as a more traditional method of locking your window compared to that of the modern keyhole and like the stay's, they are more commonly found in cottages and traditionally designed houses. If its the traditional look you are going for, we prefer the powdered finish that's on our window furniture compared to the brass and chrome ones supplied elsewhere. From a personal perspective, I feel that black gives more of a traditional feel than any other finish on the market.

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