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Hand forged hinge blanks in two styles and sizes.


 A new range of traditional hand forged arrow and penny end hinge fronts

On occasion, a traditional Arrow or Penny End T hinge simply does not work on certain door configurations. For instance, if you have an existing ledge and braced door that has been hung on conventional butt hinges, the removal of the existing hinge and the installation of a traditional hinge would mean you have to go through a series of steps to achieve the final result. You would have to start by removing the existing architrave, fill the rebate created by the old hinge, cut out a rebate in the architrave to fit the T part of the hinge, then rehang.

With the hand forged hinge fronts, you can simply offer up the blank to the existing hinge and secure into place. This gives the look of a traditional T hinge without all the work mentioned previously.

Another common problem that you may come across is that when you are hanging a door that has to open inwards with the ledges and braces on the inside, usually you would have to have the hinges mounted on the inside of the door. This can cause a couple of problems, firstly because the ledges do not come to the edge of the door because of the door stop. There will always be an unsightly gap between the door surround and the start of the ledge. Secondly, it is always nice to see the hinges mounted on the good or non-braced side of the door. By using the hand forged hinge front with a conventional butt hinge, this problem can be resolved.

The hinge fronts are made in the same style as our traditional Penny and Arrow End T hinges, with the exception of the hinge mechanism. Each piece is individually hand forged, blackened then coated in a hard beeswax for longevity. Other related products to our hinge blanks are our range of traditional Arrow and Penny End T Hinges as well as our Gothic and Suffolk Latches. We also have a new Suffolk Latch Fine Handle which is worth a look.

All our hinge blanks are sold in pairs and supplied with all the necessary fixings.

If you visit our website you will see detailed images of the hinge blanks as well as technical drawings.






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