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Brighton Sash Fastener

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The Brighton sash window fastener is a two piece mechanism designed to secure the two separate halves of a traditional sliding sash window. Cast in solid brass and available in five choices of finish, Polished brass, chrome, nickel and antique brass as well as bronze. The keeper is fixed to the leading lower sash, where as the fastener is secured to the outer sash. The fastener consists of a threaded bar with a knurled nut, the arm of the fastener is held up by a strong leaf spring mechanism, to secure the two halves of the sliding sash, first close both top and bottom panels then lower the sprung fastener into the keeper and turn the knurled not until finger tight. 

We also have alternative designs available, Fitch and Hook and Plate sash fasteners, both these styles come with the addition of a locking screw for added security. We also have two styles of sash lift, Lift Hooks and Ring Pulls. For exact product dimensions please click on the dimensions tab, here you will be able to view a printable PDF document. 

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